Urgent!! Don’t Miss Out On 6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Game

Looking to improve your game for the new season after a frustrating bog standard winter of golf?? Well that could be exactly the problem your game and therefore your fit, may well not be standard!!

Well with all the major brands including Cobra and the F9 family, Ping G410, Taylormade M5/6 and the not to be forgotten Callaway Epic flash there has never been a better time to get yourself some shiny new sticks!!

So what do you need to do to improve your game? Get yourself custom fitted completely FREE @American Golf Bournemouth.



Read on below to see exactly what a six step custom fit involves and then book yourself in via https://www.americangolf.co.uk/appointments/appointments.html?format=ajax&store_id=46574#/service_list  or email christchurch@americangolf.co.uk for your own chance to see the difference a professional custom fit can do for your game. We look forward to seeing you soon.




To make sure you get the most out of your appointment our trained staff member will start by sitting down with you to discuss your game, let you know what to expect and ask what you’d like to get out of the session.

golf club fitting consultation


golf club fitting consultation

To start with we take some key measurements such as your height and distance from wrist to floor. No balls are hit during this stage, it simply gives us a starting point for the perfect club length and lie for your physique.



Using our state of the art technology we analyse your swing and the data from our launch monitors, along with your preferences, helps us select the right iron or driver head for you. Once you are completely happy we use this model in the rest of the process.

golf club fitting consultation


golf club fitting consultation

We recommend the best shaft for you based on your club head speed, tempo, bend profiles and release patterns within your swing. Once again you have the chance to make sure you’re completely happy with the selection before moving on to the next stage.



The next step is to tailor the club to your swing. We will determine the right shaft length, correct lie angles and loft setup that best suits your shots patterns. This game is all about hitting targets, fitting the golf club’s specifications to you, makes this a lot easier.

golf club fitting consultation


golf club fitting consultation

The final stage of the Custom Fit, but no less important than any other. We help you select the right size grip to suit your hand and the right type of grip to suit your game. And that’s it, you’ve found your perfect custom fit golf club. If you’re happy and want to place an order then now’s the time. That’s just leaves you with a great excuse, if you needed one, to get out there and play!

What Is Custom Fitting?

Put simply, Custom Fitting is the process we take to tailor a golf club to suit your personal swing.

Every player is different and their swing characteristics unique. By using our personal golf club fitting service and state of the art technology we can improve your game to lower scores and allow you to develop as a golfer

Why Custom Fitting

Is Custom Fitting Right for Me?

Custom fitting really is for everyone. No matter what your standard, getting the right clubs fitted will help improve your game.

We often get asked whether golf club fitting will really help or make a difference. From a complete beginner to tour professional everyone benefits from having the correct equipment. Making sure your clubs are matched to your height and swing style can improve your game.

Free Custom Fitting

How Much Does Custom Fitting Cost?

Custom Fitting is absolutely free, and there’s no obligation to make a purchase.

Custom Fitting is just one of a range of complementary expert and personal services we offer in-store. So whether you’d like to Try Any Club from our extensive range, Ask Our PGA’s for advice or have a Custom Fitting we have the right solution to help you improve your game and with over 110 stores across the UK there’s sure to be one near you.