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Mizuno are an amazing brand which are kindly coming to our store and giving you guys the best      experience possible, Mizuno are a leading brand is golf equipment currently and have extremely vast knowledge of their products and deliver a great service.

This chance could change your game and take it up to the next level, Our Fitting and fitting events are all free of charge so why not take advantage of it?


45 minute slots available from 1pm – 4:30pm

See you Ladies and Gentlemen on the day

American Golf Riverside


01156 970 709

Come into store or give us a call to book a slot

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SALE!!!!!! Under Armour, Callaway, Nike. MIZUNO Fitting Day

Mizuno Fitting Day on the 20th July, Mizuno are bringing their incredible talent to our store over at American Golf Riverside, NG2 7SA. To get involved in a great fitting experience which is beneficial to your game in multiple ways from the experience to the knowledge gained and processed for general knowledge the experience can improve you game, the event is for one day only so if you would like to get involved pop into store or contact the store to book a time. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

SALE on our clothing at this current moment is Under Armour, Callaway and Nike which can pick up a huge bargain on which can make you feel a bit fresher with the UK heatwave that has hit the country currently.

Pop into store to see all the deals currently on as we have a lot more to offer.


Are you using the right Golf Ball?

11071F24-0C99-44C7-96BB-BA62A1335A50One of the most important necessities in Golf, is your Golf Ball!

if you’re using a low compression golf ball with a fast swing speed, you’ll over compress the golf ball and mis-shape it leading to a shot shape you don’t want!

Need some advice? Come into store and ask one of the guys for help and recommendations


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Summer Sale is in full flow, Puma, Callaway and Under Armour with some Fantastic discounts!

American Golf Roadshow Day 3/4..

Plenty of fun activities to take part in! Including The Pressure Putt Challenge & Golf Darts!

Bookings still available for Custom Fitting, variety of shafts an clubs. Everything needed for a great Customer Experience!


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Summer Sale 2018!!

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The American Golf Riverside Summer Sale, selected items you can get up to 30% off!

Get yourself kitted out this summer with American Golf, quality clothing for quality prices!